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Hello everyone,

Today we will be placing all of our hubs under maintenance as we perform a range of updates before we hit our beta release. This is mainly due to many changes being made to our Core which is present on all servers and due to minimal testing multiple issues are expected once the update is applied. We will also be spending some of this downtime updating key infrastructure points before we get nearer our release time.


Infrastructure Changes

During our development phase, we encountered an issue with our EU pro...

Hi all,

Today is a milestone on our journey toward our beta release! Our hubs have been released to the public in their pre-beta edition, allowing community members to register on our website using /register. With this update, we have also seen the full implementation of two proxy servers serving both NA and EU players.


Our North American proxy is now up and running after recent downtime, once joined you will be transported to one of two public NA hub servers (a single restricted hub is available for our top donator rank, coming with our beta r...

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