Development Update #1

Oyuncu - admin
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Good progress has been made towards the upcoming server. Spawn area is being setup and built out while plugins are being configured. We have talented individuals from all around the world doing their part to make this one of the most ambitious Factions servers to be released. We are still aiming for Q1 of 2023, though the exact date has not been determined. Our original goal was for Jan 1, 2023, but delays are still possible if we feel it will be better for the server overall to postpone launch to Feb or March to offer a better experience for players. More info on this will follow.

If you are someone with lots of Minecraft server knowledge and are interested in volunteering to help our team, please send me a message on Discord: Skeletons#3558 

I look forward to seeing you all in-game when the time is right. The goal here is simple: Make the best Factions server ever with zero pay-2-win

We aim to have unique quests, battle pass system for hours of content, best in class core Factions gameplay, buttery smooth server stability, unique Greek/Roman aesthetic, and more! 

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